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Still to be neat, still to be drest,
As you were going to a feast;
Still to be powder’d, still perfum’d
Lady, it is to be presum’d,
Though art’s beauty has been found,
All is not sweet, all is not sound.
Give me a look, give me a face,
That make simplicity a grace;
Roses loosely flowing, hair as free:
Such sweet neglect more taken me
Thats all the angel different annonymous part
They strike mine eyes, direct to heart,
They came to tell your faults to me,
They named them over one by one;
I laughed aloud when they were done,
I knew them all so well before,
Oh, they were blind, too blind to see
Your faults had made me love you more
you are made up of fire and ice
i have seen your every face twice
you are just khaleesi and arya in one girl
i am just jon snow not gonaa bend u know
you with your white dress will sit on an iron throne
by your side i will be your right hand to tell you how its done
you may b an angel but to describe you always gonna need me to give you wings
two souls in different body can be one,@vii

SHAPE MATTERS? beautifull poem describing one feelings…

​I am the guy who’s not in a shape,

 yeah m lil overweight,

 my body has curves which hides nerves,

 yeah i am not a gym freak,

 that doesn’t mean’t am just week,

 yeah i know guys with a six pack,

  mostly are the secrets of girls hack,

  I am learning how to strip tumble and collapse under the weight of being 

 its hard to be the part of crual world living,

 i also wanna feel warmth of your lips on my lower neck,

i want the transactional conversation about how will b our future but everythings got wreck,

 now i have decided to be back in shape,

 no one loves to eat the ripe grape,

 selfishness is the true love in this world,

 t’s a brand new word I’m wrapping around my tongue,

I’m tired of reducing myself to ‘fat’ because

I’ve learned to be so much more than that,

so while fat is an important word

and I refuse to let it control my world….@vii❤


​where does my lord resides,

 the omnipresent i talking about,

 which is true no one had a doubt,

 some says he lives in a bulding like temples,

 some says you will encouterd him in the peak of himalyas,

some says you live high on the hog,

 some says he resides in seven heaven,

 I wana meet him i am just eleven,

 I don’t know my relegion,

 Will he accept me i am a fellow pegion,

 curios to ask few questions,

 all says he is a creator,

 I must sae he is my mentor with good sense or decor,

 O’lord highness you are perfect never heard of your mistake,

 The one who trust you know there’s method in smb’s maddness,

waiting patiently to hear your soft voice

thoughts of your love

wrap around my flesh and bones

while my heart rejoices,

you are a ocean i wanna be the drop of it,

i will walkdown naked feet just tell me where to meet,


lost in a world…..

So it’s happening yet again,
I’m thinking for fuck sakes,
And what do I gain?
More anxieties and an awareness of past mistakes.

I’ve been sitting here,
For what feels like an hour,
My voice in my head is all I can hear…
Only expressing thoughts that are sour.


I’d like to sleep,
But I cannot,
Because I’m too deep
In thoughts that have my heart in a knot.

So I guess I’m still here,
Comfortably lying on my bed,
My favourite songs blaring in my ear,
And lost in my own head.

Brexit: UK offer on EU citizens a good start, says Merkel


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has described UK plans to ensure the rights of EU citizens in Britain after Brexit as “a good start”.

However, she said there were “many, many other questions” about Brexit and there was “still a lot to do”.

The UK proposal was unveiled by Prime Minister Theresa May at an EU summit in Brussels on Thursday.

Those who qualify for settled status will be allowed to stay in the country and access health, education and other benefits.

The plan would affect 3.2 million EU citizens now living in the UK, around a million of whom have lived in the country less than five years.

The exact details on what happens to those million people unclear, but it is thought some will be allowed to build up their years to allow them to apply for settled status.

“THE CHOICE” BY W.B beats.

​The intellect of man is forced to choose

perfection of the life, or of the work,

And if it take the second must refuse

A heavenly mansion, raging in the dark

When all that story’s finished, what’s the news?

In luck or out the toil has left its mark:

That old perplexity an empty purse,

Or the day’s vanity, the night’s remorse

There’s nothing special about “BIRTHDAYS” a poem by me as on my birthday.

There is nothing special about birthday,
its seems to me like an ordniary day,
yeah some one tries to do formality
its hard to digest reality,
Best one was the wish of mother,
kiss on forhead and blessing of sucess,
All i can say she do it often when i feel mess,
All i was wishing for true happyness
ohh lord i prayed for it
my body craved for it
all i have with me is money,bike and car……
still something missing from life is satisfaction,
yeah that true friends wishing bday reaction,
just want someone who stays forver,
who hugs and says budyy i am ur bedslayer,
feeling like hot summer of june,
just wished to be with good souls under the light of moon,
ohh lord doesn’t want more from giving valley,
My life has become to me “up a blind alley”
Just blessed me with a friends like family
I hope you will not gonna turn a blind eye,
Next year i hope it will be a special day,
happines in life is not a rule of thumb
Thats why my dear there is nothing special about bithdays…….@viii

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UK election result: What does it mean for Brexit?

The result was far from the “strong and stable” position that Theresa May wanted

what does the hung parliament indicate that a hard Brexit, a softer Brexit (where there’s no deal and the UK simply “falls out” of the EU) becomes more likely?

The ball is very much in Britain’s court.

Brexit – to state the obvious – has been driven by Britain all along.

Almost a year ago, the UK voted to leave the EU. Since then it has been riven by divisions between Leavers and Remainers, and between fans of so-called hard Brexit – where the UK leaves the EU single market and the customs union – and a softer Brexit, where the UK maintains the benefits of those associations

It was the britain which delayed the possible start of face to face brexit on the name of their so called “snap election”.The new british goverment says it needs more time.

German chancellor Angela Merkel said the EU was ready to negotiate.


Angela Merkel has said she sees no obstacles in the way of beginning Brexit talks as scheduled after Theresa May failed to win a majority in Thursday’s UK election.

Mrs Merkel said she hoped Britain would remain a good partner following the talks, due to begin on 19 June.

It is her first comment since Mrs May’s Conservative party lost 13 seats.

after the lost conservative party loss of short of 8 Mp’s majority in parliment.Mrs May says she will form a government with the Democratic Unionist Party from Northern Ireland, which won 10 seats.